Accelerating the Transition to our Post Carbon Future...

Welcome to Force of Nature.  From fighting industrial fossil fuel projects and raising thousands of dollars for First Nation's legal challenges, to mobilizing tens of thousands of voters in the last three elections and promoting rooftop solar energy in Metro Vancouver municipalities, our community organizing projects empower local leaders, constituents and volunteers to to accelerate the Lower Mainland's transition to a just and democratic low-carbon future.


Our people-powered strategies include:  

  • Working with communities, community organizers and local leaders to develop a vision and plan for the Lower Mainland’s transition to a low carbon economy

  • Building a grassroots movement of community groups, non-profit organizations, churches, and individuals that will work together to catalyze the transition to a low-carbon economy.

  • Working to expand the scope of this movement through direct volunteer recruitment and engagement organizing.  

  • Promoting climate solutions including public transit, green buildings and renewable energies.

  • Standing with advocacy groups working to stop the expansion of industrial fossil fuel projects.

  • Partnering with local businesses and communities groups to support tangible, local infrastructure projects that are inline with our vision for the future.

  • Encouraging the democratization of utilities and public works.

  • Supporting ongoing efforts of Indigenous solidarity and reconciliation

  • Electing climate leaders at the federal provincial and municipal level, and work to hold these leaders accountable over time. 

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