Force of Nature is a community organizing group working throughout the Lower Mainland to promote the transition to a just, equitable, low-carbon economy by empowering local leaders, constituents and volunteers to:

a) Oppose the expansion of fossil fuel projects

b) Advocate for the strengthening of climate and environmental policies

c) Implement renewable energy solutions at a local level

d) Elect strong, accountable environmental leaders at all levels of government.


You can contact our organizing team at organizer@forceofnaturealliance.ca

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    Big oil, dirty money & high stakes

    Massive corporate contributions, illegal donations, corruption, law suits, police investigations... the stories about big money make BC politics sound like a soap opera, or as one New York Times reporter put it, "The Wild West of Political Cash."  If you've been having trouble keeping the stories straight, here's the 101 on big money and its influence on our electoral system and political decision making in BC.  
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