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Please note that this page is currently under construction, and we are working to incorporate more bios for staff, members and volunteers into this page.  If you are a volunteer, donor, or member and would like your bio to be featured here, please send a brief bio and a photo to organizer@forceofnaturealliance.ca and we'll get you up on the site as soon as possible! 

Amy Lubik - Director



Amy Anne Lubik holds a PhD in cancer research and works in environmental health. She is passionate about the social and environmental determinants of health, human rights, and environmental justice, volunteering for the Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment, the Public Health Association of BC and Bridge for Health Coop. She is a long-time volunteer for Force of Nature, Amnesty International, founder of the Queensland University of Technology chapter of Universities Allied for Essential Medicines and an alumna of the Next Up Leadership program through the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, BC. As a lover of animals and nature, she became involved in environmental advocacy when the pipelines began to threaten the Great Bear Rainforest. In her spare time she is a pro-am musician, playing at community events.


Ben West - Director

 "I believe all change comes from organizing at the local level. Force of Nature Alliance does fundamentally important work in this regard"



Ben has been an outspoken environmental campaigner for over a decade. He has worked on some of the biggest environmental issues in the province of BC and has been an outspoken voice in the media. He is a writer, runner, vlogger, juggler, animal lover and street art addict. He says he would rather be doing comedy if there wasn’t so much serious stuff going on. Recently his focus has been working on climate solutions in partnership with First Nations and community groups around the Salish Sea.

Cherry Tsoi - Director


Screen_Shot_2017-08-03_at_9.03.43_PM.pngAfter two years of immersive studies in Sustainability Science at Lund University in Sweden, Cherry has come away with a deep understanding of present environmental problems and the interdisciplinary and holistic strategies necessary to tackle them and create future sustainable pathways. In particular, the program honed her research and analysis skills in formulating governance approaches for complex sustainability challenges. 

In addition, Cherry has a background in environmental justice work and community organizing.

She is currently applying her knowledge of social, economic, and environmental systems to current projects within the research and planning team at green engineering firm Integral Group.

Ginny Kloos - Director

"It has been an absolute joy for me to have been with Force of Nature since its earliest days and to watch it grow as an organization and develop a complex web of staff, volunteers and campaigns."


Screen_Shot_2017-08-03_at_11.16.03_PM.pngGinny is a big advocate for grassroots community mobilizing, believes it is the best beacon of hope we have for the great challenges we face today, and feels that Force of Nature truly embodies this concept of community organizing and social change.

Most of Ginny's involvement with Force of Nature has centered around volunteer recruitment and retention. She has always loved being the first point of contact a potential volunteer has with Force of Nature and brainstorming how best to motivate and inspire others to find their place in the climate movement and reclaim their political power.

She is enthusiastic about the direction Force of Nature is heading in and excited to join the Board of Directors to help contribute to strategic and effective political action. Her awe of the diversity of life on Earth and appreciation for the healing powers of nature only grow stronger and fuel her passion for preserving this beautiful world we share. She is grateful for the opportunity to protect what is sacred and connect with others who share her vision.

Janice Thompson - Director


Screen_Shot_2017-08-03_at_11.06.26_PM.pngJanice Thompson is from the Sto:lo Nation located in British Columbia. She is an activist for human rights, women's rights, environmental rights, Indigenous rights, animal rights and low income family rights. Janice is an active member of her community and loves to volunteer for various causes; she specializes in canvass work. Janice has been involved with Force of Nature for the past year and enjoys creating new relationships. Janice’s network includes people and organizations that share the common interests of promoting Indigenous rights, helping to create a low carbon footprint, utilizing and promoting renewable energies, stopping fossil fuel expansion, and promoting provincial and federal leaders who are working on climate solutions.

Mary Zhang

I envision a green future of empowered youths creating climate solutions for our society. Being a member of Force of Nature enables me to be a part of the change that I want to see in my community. 


A Burnaby North Secondary grad of 2018, Mary is an international student looking forward to pursuing a post-secondary education in business & entrepreneurship. Her passion for environmentalism sparked in 8th grade, during a science research project on solar energy in Florida. Her involvement in the fight only grew as she joined Force of Nature October of 2017. Mary is excited to be taking on a leadership position in this organization and working with her team on implementing climate solutions in Burnaby. 

Monica Basili

I care deeply about climate change. Force of Nature continues to provide me with the resources and support to engage my local community. By changing the way society responds to climate change, our municipal, provincial, and federal governments will address the threat efficiently and work towards a more sustainable future.



Monica is a 17 year old grade 12 student at Dr. Charles Best Secondary School in Coquitlam, enrolled in the French Immersion Program. She has always been passionate about saving our environment and creating a sustainable community. Through Force of Nature, she has been able to make an increasingly influential dent in the cycle on environmental issues in government and society. She has been volunteering with the Coquitlam Watershed Roundtable and other in school environmental groups for several years, and has been with Force of Nature since early 2017.

Morag Keegan - Henry


bio_photo.jpgMorag Keegan-Henry is the Manager of Field Operations with Force of Nature. She first became involved with environmental activism when her parents took her to protests at age 5, and has since volunteered with many environmental groups including CommonEnergy UVic, the UVic Ancient Forest Committee, and Sierra Club BC. She is deeply involved in the fight against the Site C dam and founded the grassroots group FightC to raise awareness on the ground in Vancouver. 

After getting her degree in political science & environmental studies at UVic, Morag spends a lot of time thinking about catastrophic climate change, political ecology, Indigenous rights, and local food systems. She believes that the answer to the climate crisis lies in empowering ordinary people to take control of their political systems, and can't wait to be part of Mission:Transition so that we can do just that!

Sven Biggs - Director



Sven has been a campaigner and organizer in the environment movement for more than a decade. Currently he is a Climate and Energy Campaigner with Stand.earth where he leads their work to oppose the Kinder Morgan pipeline. Before joining Stand, he worked as Campaign Director at Tanker Free BC and as the Wilderness Committee’s Director of Outreach. Force of Nature's commitment to building power with communities as they work to find solutions to the climate crisis is what inspired him to get and stay involved in this organization.  

Tara Shushtarian - Director

“We are at the cusp of a green industrial revolution in Canada and I am humbled and honoured to be a part of this movement alongside the avant-garde members of Force of Nature.”



In 1986, Tara completed her Masters in an integrated language programme in Spanish at the Jawaharlal University in New Delhi and since then have worn many hats.  She has freelanced as a translator for, copywriter and scriptwriter in Mumbai, and worked as a Grade 1 teacher in Malaysia, where she was very involved in advocating against child labour and child trafficking.

Tara migrated to Canada from India in 2002, with her husband Farhad and two children Shirin and Javad.  She was an emergency coordinator and the liason with Kinder Morgan at her son’s elementary school, and was involved in highlighting and halting the refuelling of tanks 801 and 802 adjacent to Underhill Avenue which were against code.  She is a core part of the action committee BC Poverty Reduction Coalition, has worked for the “Voter Pop-up” campaign with Samara Canada in the 2017 BC election, and has worked as a tax facilitator with the ISS of BC from time to time.

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