Consultation Wrap up

unnamed-4.jpg This summer has been an intense time at Force of Nature, as our volunteer teams went all out mobilizing for the Kinder Morgan consultations that wrapped up last Tuesday with a packed house at the Victoria town hall.  The experience was a strange mix of intensity, hope and frustration, all set against the backdrop of cavernous hotel conference rooms and stifling late summer heat. We thought we'd share a few stories, photos and reflections from the last six weeks, before we turn our attention to the next steps in our Kinder Morgan campaign.   

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Mission: Transition! The Lower Mainland can lead the way

Our First 100 Days

Last year we asked our constituents to vote for the most electable candidates in their riding who were likely to stop Enbridge, restore our environmental laws, and take climate change seriously.  We believed that if we elected a new government together and campaigned hard in the first hundred days following the election, we stood a good chance of stopping the Enbridge pipeline and establishing a new review process for Kinder Morgan.  Trudeau effectively put a stop to Enbridge by ordering a North Coast Tanker ban in the first few weeks of his term, and last Wednesday, exactly 100 days after the October 19th general election, Ministers Carr and McKenna announced a new review process for the Kinder Morgan Pipeline.  




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This is our moment of power


The National Energy Board Hearings for Kinder Morgan are finally here.  Over the last few weeks, environmental groups and grassroots organizations across the Lower Mainland have been coming together and kicking our organizing efforts into high gear.  The time has come to put our foot down and hold our Liberal government accountable for their promise to stop the Kinder Morgan review and restore our environmental laws.  


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Our New Years Resolution


Happy New Year, everybody.  I hope you had a lovely holiday.  One year ago, our rag tag group of pipeline-fighting volunteers registered our society as the Force of Nature Alliance, with the goal of ensuring a positive outcome of the federal election.  We begin this year filled with gratitude for new and much better government that is leading our country today.  


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Will we see you at the Global Climate March this Sunday?

We'll be marching with the Global Climate March this Sunday November 29th at 1pm.  Looking forward to standing in solidarity with thousands at the Vancouver Art Gallery.  Will you join us?  


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Enbridge Dead. Kinder Morgan... Game On!


Four years ago I decided to get involved in the organizing efforts to stop Enbridge.  In those first months canvassing and recruiting, there were days when the government's power to push the pipeline through felt totally insurmountable, and it wasn't uncommon for visitors stopped at our table to self-assuredly remind us that we were all "kidding ourselves" to dare to imagine the pipeline could ever be stopped.  


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Organizing under a Liberal Majority: What can we expect?



The record voter turnout and sweeping Liberal majority that characterized the October 19th Federal Election surprised many of us on election night.  While many of us actively working for a change in government were pleased to see our efforts come to fruition, very few of us had anticipated such a strong Liberal majority, the strength of the Conservative opposition, or the decimation of the NDP.   


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Will we see you at the Great Climate Race?


While climate change affects all of us and we know we have to do something about it, this can be a daunting task and it’s hard to know where to start.  Everyone who has ever worked on stopping fossil fuel expansion has at some point heard the question, “...but what are you fighting for?” 


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