What YOU told us about transit

Last week we asked you to share you're thoughts on Metro Vancouver's controversial Transit Plebiscite, and here is what you came up with. So far 84 of you have voted yes and 20 voting no - with a handful of ineligible and undecided mixed in.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the survey for sharing your ideas in a thoughtful and respectful way with our community.

Also, just a reminder for you all that we are not connected with the official yes vote of the Transit Referendum in any way - we are a bunch of people working on pipelines who care about this issue - but also want to create space for dialogue and diversity of opinion within our own movement.

Thanks for sharing - now for the results:

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How likely is an oil spill in Vancouver?

When the Marathassa started leaking bunker fuel into English Bay this April, residents got just a small glimpse into of what an oil spill and an oil spill clean up might look like here in Vancouver.


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