This is the year we change the course of history (January 2018)

Are you ready to be part of the solutions revolution? Welcome to Mission: Transition 2018! - a climate solutions campaign to accelerate the Lower Mainland's transition to a post carbon future!


Please join us today in a bold new year's resolution to make 2018 the year we begin to turn this climate crisis around. Click here to volunteer or donate to our new climate solutions campaign.

On this gorgeous New Years day here at home in Metro Vancouver, there is more carbon in the atmosphere than at any time in human history.  Global flooding is projected to triple by 2030, and most scientists believe we may be on track to a catastrophic four degree warming scenario by the end of this century if business as usual persists.

And yet over three years of conversations with you - our supporters, members, donors and volunteers - and hundreds of thousands more with the pubic at large - we've heard you express a clear desire not just to focus on stopping the root causes of climate change, but to envision and champion the solutions as well.  It was around this time last year that we began to map out pathways and piece together a plan that would ultimately enable us to champion those solutions together.

Over the course of that process - which involved testing out tactics and interviewing dozens of local experts and climate leaders across the region - what has become very clear to us is the degree of complexity that this sphere of advocacy involves.  Because climate solutions aren't just about putting up solar panels or driving electric cars, but also about unearthing new ways of approaching development, structuring our economy, and connecting with one another that will bring about a shift in our collective attitude, and transform every part of the way we live, move, work, and grow.  

That's why, instead of launching a campaign that's focused on a single aspect of transition, we've decided to prioritize building a people-powered movement of passionate organizers who will work together to: 

- develop a vision of a fossil fuel free future for their own municipalities

- elect a new generation of climate champions in the 2018 municipal elections, and

- collaborate with municipal government and local stakeholders to push for sustainable development pilot projects all around the region.

Our top priority for the new year is to recruit, train, and launch twelve community teams in municipalities across Lower Mainland, but it's is a dream that cannot be realized unless unprecedented numbers of people begin to step up and take action in a way they never have before.  With that in mind, we're asking you to make a new year's resolution today to walk with Force of Nature on that journey.

WE NEED LEADERS: Can you join our incredible group of community organizing by volunteering for five hours per week to building community power.  PLEASE SIGN UP HERE TO BE A LEADER.

WE NEED DONORS: Who can support us with a monthly donation of anywhere from $5.00 - $50.00 per month.  PLEASE SIGN UP HERE TO BECOME A MONTHLY DONOR.

WE NEED VOLUNTEERS: Hundreds of them!  Can you SIGN UP HERE to be part of our community, recruitment, outreach, presentation, data or research teams. An organizer will get in touch with you to help you decide how to plug in.  

You don't need any experience to join... all training will be provided.  Questions?  Comments?  Need more information? We're hosting three powerpoint presentations throughout the month of January, as well as an intensive organizing training for new leaders on January 20th and 21st.  You can SIGN UP ON OUR VOLUNTEER CALENDAR for any of these events, or email [email protected] for more details.

Lets make 2018 the year we changed the course of history!