Force of Nature is working to promote solar power as a viable, accessible clean energy alternative to conventional sources of electricity.  Our Solarize the Cities campaign involves awareness-raising, advocacy, and fundraising for local infrastructure projects right here in the Lower Mainland.  


"Does solar cost more than hydro?"

"Is there enough sunshine for solar in Metro Vancouver?"

"Can I install solar panels without making major modifications to my home?"

"Are there ways to support solar as a low income individual or a renter?" 

   These are a few of frequently asked questions about solar that you can find the answers to in our solar town halls, community slideshow meetings, door to door canvassing raps or right here on this website.  You can click here to read more about solar energy options in Metro Vancouver, or check out our upcoming event page for info on our next community meeting.  

v138i22feat.jpgThere are many steps municipalities can take to help make solar more affordable and accessible to consumers within their jurisdiction.  We're working in select Lower Mainland cities to: 

1. Create an expedited permitting process for standard residential solar installations. 

2. Require all new homes to meet the NRCan solar ready construction guidelines.  

3. Complete the requirements and apply to become an Official Canadian Solar City

For more information on what these policy asks mean and why we're advocating for them, check out our advocacy page here 


 While photovoltaics are becoming increasingly competitive and installations will save consumers money on their electricity bills over the long haul, the upfront costs of an average installation are still prohibitive to many.  But there are plenty of opportunities for renters, low income families and individuals to support solar energy - just one of which is to support community solar energy projects like the Tsleil Waututh First Nation's installation on their new offices.   

In addition to having completed several solar projects in the past, the Tsleil Waututh have been at the front and centre of our movement's campaign to stop the Kinder Morgan pipeline, which is why we're partnering with the Great Climate Race to support their latest project.  To make a donation to the TWN solar panel project, please click here.