Pledge to Vote yes for better transit

IDK_MAN_better_v3.pngOur community is under threat from new fossil fuel infrastructure. This spring, we vote in a referendum that could reduce congestion across the Lower Mainland, as well as our own fossil fuel footprint. 

Better public transit is one of the most effective ways we can help our communities make that transition. Here in the Lower Mainland, we have seen steady growth in transit ridership, unfortunately investment has not kept pace. A yes vote also means reducing congestion so all of us can spend less time commuting.

Reducing our dependency on oil will benefit not only our environment, but also our local economy and our quality of life. By voting yes in this springs Transit Referendum we can close that gap and put our region on the right track.

Ballots will start arriving in the mail on March 16th: make sure to post yours before May 29th.

Will you sign?