Car-Free Columbia

One of the cornerstones of a post-carbon future involves re-envisioning our roadways and reclaiming them for more sustainable modes of transportation. Light and heavy duty vehicles are a leading cause of urban greenhouse gas emissions and cities around the world, including Llubljana (Slovenia), Buenos Aires (Argentina), Oslo (Norway), have taken bold initiatives, re-imagining what roadways can look like. 

New Westminster can follow in the footsteps of cities around the world by turning Columbia Street car-free. Imagine strolling through a revitalised pedestrian zone, attending public community shows and events, flitting from shops to restaurants to bars, whilst taking in the sunset and views of the magnificent Fraser River. It is a future worth dreaming about!

In the next few months the City of New Westminster is embarking on a Revitalize Columbia Street public input process. Our team in New Westminster is championing a car-free Columbia Street that will revitalise the heart of the city and translate New Westminster's recent climate emergency declaration into real action. Will you join us?


Groups that endorse Car-Free Columbia

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