More Climate Solutions Campaigns... Coming this Spring!

We're getting ready to launch five high-impact, locally relevant climate solutions campaigns in 2019.

While Force of Nature's #climatetargets campaign is asking cities to "talk the talk" by committing to ambitious new climate targets, our #climatesolutions campaigns will help them "walk the walk" by jumpstarting real-world projects and programs across our target communities. 

Our community action teams in Vancouver, Burnaby, New Westminster, the Tri-Cities and the North Shore are hard at work exploring, brainstorming and debating campaign ideas that fit within Force of Nature's "five key concept" framework of climate solutions:

  • Compact Communities
  • Multi-Modal Transportation
  • Renewable Energy 
  • Green Jobs 
  • Circular Economy  

If you're thinking about volunteering, this is a great time to get involved, as you'll get to participate in the campaign planning process from the very beginning - from attending listening meetings with local stakeholders and brainstorming project ideas, to facilitated strategy sessions and planning creative actions. You can sign up here to volunteer...  and keep watching this space for the launch of our brand new campaigns!