Climate Solutions Campaigns

As more and more cities jump on board to adopt the IPCC-recommended climate target of 100% emissions reductions by 2050, we’re launching launching a race to net zero with four high-impact, locally relevant climate solutions campaigns that will reduce emissions in our target municipalities.  

A Zero Carbon Metropolis is within our grasp.

North Shore levels up!

We’re  busy swatting up on building code policy to ensure all North Shore buildings are built to the highest energy efficiency and produce the lowest carbon footprint possible. Level 5 building code… here we come!

Tri-Cities team gets electrified!

Electric Vehicles sales are soaring, and Tri-Cities dealers can’t keep them on the lot!  But charging infrastructure hasn’t kept pace; with a goal of advocating for five new electric vehicle charging stations across the Tri-Cities this campaign has already seen significant wins, as 12 new EV charging spaces will be added in Coquitlam by the end of the year! You can read more on that decision here while our team moves onto more.

Car-Free Columbia!

Inspired by sustainable cities in Europe and around  the world, our team in New Westminster is championing a car-free Columbia Street in order to revitalise the heart of the city. Interested in the campaign? Visit our campaign page to read more.

Granville Connector project

Our Vancouver Team is campaigning in support of the Granville Connector, a project that will transition at least two central lanes of the Granville Bridge into a safe, sustainable public walking and biking pathway that will support the growing number of Vancouverites who are choosing to leave their cars behind as we walk, run and roll into a zero-carbon future. Click here to read more.

Our #ClimateSolutions campaigns are planned and executed by local folks organizing where they live! Start your cities' transformation by signing up to volunteer today.

And if you loved these campaigns then check out our #Cities4Climate campaign to make sure Metro Van municipalities adopt the IPCC emission reduction targets.

If you want more information on any of our campaigns please feel free to drop us an email.