This is our Moment of Power!

The 2017 provincial will have a huge impact on the future of our communities, and the government we choose to elect this May 9th could change the course of BC's history.  We need leaders who will take bold decisive action to protect our homes, families and futures, from fighting the construction of the Kinder Morgan pipeline scheduled to start this September, to sending Site C to the utilities commission; from investing in climate solutions like public transit to addressing the housing crisis that is impacts all of us on a daily basis.  

If you think your vote won't make a difference, think again.  There are more than a dozen swing ridings in the Lower Mainland - nine of them were decided by less than a thousand votes.  Please stand with us May 9th by voting for new leaders that will set this province on a track to a greener and better future.  


Yes Count me in - I pledge to vote!
No I won't be voting in the election this May.