Victory Alert: Electric Vehicle Chargers to be installed in Coquitlam

A year ago we set out to develop high impact local campaigns to tackle the climate crisis. Fast forward a year and we are firing on all cylinders. One week, Port Moody adopts the IPCC emission reduction targets committing to net-zero by 2050. And the next, we have our first climate solutions victory in the Tri-Cities in 2019.  

Coquitlam will be installing 12 new charging spots by the end of the year, increasing the current capacity by 400%!

Warning this paragraph showcases our inner battery nerd. What is amazing about Coquitlam’s actions is that the charging stations to be installed are Level 2. Level 2 chargers are the mid-level range so for every hour of charge the car has between 20-65km of range. And the cost to charge your electric vehicle for 2 hours in Coquitlam? $1. So you can drive up to 130km for a looney - could it get any better? EV charging station

And our team worked hard for this victory. We conducted research to work out the electric vehicle charger to population ration in each city in the Tri-cities. We wrote letters to Coquitlam council asking for more Level 2 chargers to be installed. Finally, we asked members of the public to pledge their support by signing postcards which were delivered to council. And the council responded! They increased the EV charging capacity and now understand that Coquitlam residents are in support of climate solutions. Together the Tri-cities is demonstrating that they can be a climate leader. 

But our Tri-Cities team does not want to stop there! They have committed to increasing the charging points for electric vehicles across the Tri-Cities! And if you are interested in supporting electric vehicles in the Tri-Cities then you can join your local EV interest Facebook group. You can connect with local Tri-city residents passionate about electric vehicles, read interesting updates and feel part of the climate solutions community!

We can change our societies. At Force of Nature, the ethos of our Mission:Transition! Campaign is to push for local, relevant and innovative climate solutions. By increasing the number of electric vehicle charging spots Coquitlam council has done just that. It may be one small step at a time but before you know it our cities in the Lower Mainland will be a zero emission metropolis.

And Coquitlam residents have another chance to make their voice heard. Right now, Coquitlam is asking residents to feed into their 2020 strategy, which will guide the cities actions for the next 10-15 years. We are asking local residents to fill out the survey asking Coquitlam to:

1 - Adopt the IPCC targets requiring emissions be cut by 45% by 2030 and net-zero by 2050.

2 - Continue to invest in great climate solutions, like electric vehicle charging stations 

3 - Become a world leading green and sustainable city. 

It only takes 10 minutes to complete and you can fill out the 2020 strategy survey here!

The Tri-Cities are on a roll, let’s keep the victories coming! #MissionTransition