Get Connected to Climate Solutions! Support the Granville Bridge Connector.

The Granville Bridge Connector will transition two centre lanes of the Granville Bridge into a safe, sustainable public walking and biking pathway, to support the growing number of Vancouverites who are choosing to leave their cars behind as we walk, run and roll into a post-carbon future.

The goals of the proposed improvements* are:

- Make walking, rolling, and cycling across the bridge accessible, safe, and comfortable for people of all ages and abilities

- Provide direct and intuitive walking, rolling, and cycling connections to key destinations and to the rest of the network

- Create a special place that provides an enjoyable experience for all

- Accommodate motor vehicles, considering the needs of transit, emergency services, and people driving

- Design with the future in mind, considering related projects and opportunities to coordinate work.

*From the City of Vancouver website:

Sign here to let Vancouver City Council know you support the city's plan to build the Granville Bridge Connector.

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