Vancouver: Granville Bridge Connector

There’s an amazing transformation planned right in the heart of our city: the Granville Bridge Connector project. It is one of the first steps that will make sure Vancouver’s recent climate emergency declaration translates into real action.West Side+ - The final design for the Granville Connector

Light and heavy duty vehicles are a leading cause of urban greenhouse gas emissions. While an estimated 50% of all trips in Vancouver made by public and active transportation, we need to raise this percentage significantly in order to meet our 2030 climate goals. The City of Vancouver has released the final design for the Granville Bridge Connector and it looks amazing. The design (West Side+) will transition two lanes of the Granville Bridge into a safe, sustainable public walking and biking pathway. It will also create a beautiful bridge-top communal area for everyone to enjoy and make getting to downtown accessible and comfortable for people of all ages and abilities. All this while considering the needs of transit, emergency services, and people driving.At Force of Nature we want to see councils adopting innovative climate solutions and are working to build support for the Granville Bridge Connector.

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