Wins for solar campaign in Port Moody & West Van (May 2018)

Great news for solar!  Two municipalities have just jumped on board with Force of Nature's municipal solar recommendations.

It's our first win in our mission to bring the climate solutions revolution to Metro Vancouver.

Our friends in the solar industry have long been telling us about the lengthy and prohibitive permitting processes hampering solar uptake in Metro's municipalities, which is why Tara, Jovin, Brennan, Kevin, Steven, Colin W & Colin Z took to the streets last summer to collect thousands of signatures in favour of expediting these permitting processes.

After considering the excellent proposals our teams made at City Hall, West Van and Port Moody City councils have voted to move forward with more streamlined processes, and Port Moody is even taking steps to become an Official Canadian Solar City!!  Big hugs to both of these city councils and to our wonderful teams who are proving that communities can rise up and solve the climate crisis.  

This is just the tip of the iceberg.  Right now, all of our Lower Mainland teams from Maple Ridge to the North Shore are preparing to spearhead their own high-impact, locally relevant solutions revolutions that will help us meet ambitious climate targets throughout the region.  Packed team meetings, forums, and actions are happening every night of the week, and we can barely keep up with the volume.  The solutions revolution is coming and the leader of that revolution is you!