Jake gets an idea (October 2018)

Our colleague Jake sure has been working really hard lately making phone calls, canvassing, texting voter after voter after…


Wait a minute! Is that Tinder?  Seriously Jake? At the office?



We followed Jake to his last “one-on-one meeting” to find out what kind of trouble he’s been getting up to.



What's this?  Well, well, well... the plot is thickening...


Two tinder dates?  At the same time?! Well that is a bold move.  

Even for Jake.


What’s this?! More and more dates are showing up by the minute.  


What on earth is that zany guy up to?



Hey! Is that a polling station?  Oh, that Jake!  What a kooky guy!




What could possibly be sexier than advance voting?  



That’s what.


Advance polls are open from October 10th - 17th, so you have plenty of time to skip the lines and vote to get your favourite climate champions elected to your local city council.


General Election Day is Saturday, October 20th, from 8:00am - 8:00pm. 


You definitely don’t want to sit this one out!