Another unanimous win in New West!

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We won!! On March 11, climate champions Nadine Nakagawa and Jaimie McEvoy brought a motion to city council to increase our climate targets, accelerate the city’s action and declare climate emergency.  We had courageous students from New West secondary, local residents, local groups and concerned parents all take the stand in support of that motion. It passed unanimously!

Why is the motion important? It can get us on a path to adopting the climate targets recommended by the latest Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), and going completely carbon neutral by the year 2050.  The city will be drafting a carbon budget, looking at actions to drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions and updating their community plans.  New West means business, and it's making sure we’re doing our part to cool our planet down and get the clean, healthy communities we deserve.

The motion also calls for greater community engagement around climate targets and climate solutions.  Our team here in New West is planning an exciting campaign to help reach our new targets, while making our community even more amazing.  Do you want to join our team of volunteers and help create something BIG?  Click here to sign up, and I’ll contact you.

Force of Nature worked with Nadine and Jaimie to draft this motion, which is one of five that has been passed in cities around our region including North Vancouver, Vancouver and Richmond. When we organize together, we can do anything!