New Westminster COVID Walking Route

Volunteers from Force of Nature recently took to the streets of New Westminster to film a walking route they are proposing to the city. The route goes from the entrance of Queen’s Park on 3rd ave, down 3rd avenue turning onto Quayside drive, through the Quay, and then back to Queen’s Park. Check out the video to see the route in action!

Check out the New Westminster COVID Recovery Survey here. You'll be asked to answer a series of questions about the city's response to COVID and what they should be doing next. Make sure to make it clear that you want to prioritize expanded alternative transportation & outdoor community space, improved energy system reliability, and biodiversity & the natural landscape. You can write in your support for this walking route or send other suggestions to the city as well! Send a message to the city that we want bold, accelerated action to recover from COVID.

Behind the Scenes

Force of Nature Volunteers got together to record the walking route and enjoy a sunny day in New Westminster. If you'd like to be involved in projects like these or other climate activism at the City of New Westminster level, be sure to get in touch! Email us at [email protected].

Passing through the park.

Floral heart pattern at Queen's Park.

Tipperary Park and Queen's Park are both on this walking route, offering places to picnic, play, or just find some shade.

Imagining cars as guests in our communities and on our streets.

Enjoying company at the quay (socially distanced, of course)

Along the way there are plenty of amenities for the hungry (or thirsty!) walker. Taqueria Playa Tropical, Steel and Oak, and all the places at River Market (Ninja Bubble Tea Express, The Paddlewheeler, Amaranthus, and many more!).

Lincoln navigates the Pier West construction maze.

Pier Park's Pier Pilings.