Our New Years Resolution


Happy New Year, everybody.  I hope you had a lovely holiday.  One year ago, our rag tag group of pipeline-fighting volunteers registered our society as the Force of Nature Alliance, with the goal of ensuring a positive outcome of the federal election.  We begin this year filled with gratitude for new and much better government that is leading our country today.  


We’re excited to be moving forward into 2016 with a resolution to hold our Liberal government accountable for their promise to stop the Kinder Morgan review and restore our environmental laws.  Will you write your MP and ask them stop the Kinder Morgan Review today?

The Liberals have done an impressive job in office so far, but they’ve stopped short of keeping their commitments on Kinder Morgan. While they promised to stop Harper’s undemocratic pipeline assessment process, which was designed to keep the voices of thousands of concerned residents across the Lower Mainland from participating in the review, they have thus far made no attempts to follow through on this promise.  We understand there is great pressure on our government from the fossil fuel industry, but their commitments to restore our democracy must not be permitted to take a back seat to corporate interests.  Can you write them today, and remind them to do the right thing?   

January is a critical time for our campaign, because of the Kinder Morgan Hearings scheduled to begin in Burnaby in just a few weeks. Just before Christmas, Force of Nature met with our friends from BROKE, the Dogwood Initative, 350.org, Wilderness Committee, ForestEthics, Greenpeace, Tsleil Waututh Sacred Trust and Climate Convergence to begin planning for the hearings.  

Groups of all shapes and sizes will be coming together to organize rallies, banner drops, marches and more around the Kinder Morgan hearings.   As you make your resolutions for 2016, please consider whether you have some time or resources to donate to our campaign, or even a few moments to keep your MP on track with the commitments they made you before you elected them.    

Can you volunteer on our campaign to help stop the Kinder Morgan review?

Can you donate $25.00, $50.00, or $100.00 to our campaign?

Can you write your MP and ask for a fair review? 

As our democracy heals from ten years of Harper governance, there are countless opportunities to get involved in setting a new, more positive direction for our country, environment and economy.  

We hope to see you soon!