Port Moody adopts IPCC climate targets

Tuesday, June 11th will go down as a historic day for Port Moody. Port Moody city council stood up to tackle the climate crisis, declared a climate emergency and adopted the IPCC emission reduction targets.

At Force of Nature we are so happy to have strong climate leaders in Acting Mayor Meghan Lahti, councillor Amy Lubik and the Port Moody council to stand with. We need everyone together to tackle the climate crisis.

And Port Moody council have committed to making the effects of their Climate Emergency motion felt across Canada. The motion states that they will be imploring federal and provincial governments to sufficiently tackle the climate crisis including ‘diverting subsidies from fossil fuel companies… and clean energy retrofitting’ for all buildings. And they will be bringing the motion for endorsement to the conference of the Union of British Columbia Municipalities and the Federation of Canadian Municipalities. This shows that Port Moody understand the need to reach across Canada to make sure everyone is tackling the climate crisis. Port Moody residents can feel proud their councilors are tackling the climate crisis, standing up for them and for our future.

And this influence will be felt closer to home. There are a number of municipalities in the Lower Mainland that have not adopted the IPCC emission reduction targets. This includes Port Coquitlam, Coquitlam, Burnaby and West Vancouver. And that’s why we must continue to organize! Councils must make sure they are addressing their residents concerns by putting the climate crisis at the top of their agenda.

At Force of Nature we don’t rest for long. This Friday we are supporting youth striking outside Burnaby city council. Young people have taken the lead all across the world and they know that we must tackle the climate crisis now, so they can have a future.   

Youth strikers and Force of Nature have a simple ask for Burnaby city council. Take climate change seriously! Adopt the IPCC emission reduction targets for ours and future generations sake.  Vancouver, Richmond, District of North Van, City of North Van, New Westminster and now Port Moody have done it, so it's time for Burnaby to follow suit!

Sign up to join us in Burnaby this Friday! Lets show Burnaby city council that Burnaby residents care about #ClimateJustice