This September, the City of Port Moody held a bi-election to determine who would take the place in council chambers of former city councillor, now newly elected MLA Rick Glumac - who had arguably been one of Port Moody's most environmentally minded councillors to date.  

We spent an incredible month organizing in Port Moody, though if you'd asked us just a month earlier, we'd never have guessed how exciting a municipal by-election could actually be - and how important.  A number of excellent candidates grappled with some big questions on how the city will evolve to accommodate its growing population, and Force of Nature volunteers worked tirelessly to ensure that sustainable development and climate action remained front and centre in this dialogue. 

There was no doubt that our effort had a big impact... at least three of the prospective councillors strengthened their position on environmental issues over the course of the campaign and the need to improve solar bylaws - a key priority in Force of Nature's Solarize campaign - was articulated at an all-candidates debate. 

Hunter Madsen, a local community organizer who has has worked tirelessly to save Bert Flinn park and committed in his platform to solarizing Port Moody, won in a landslide victory and has gone on to championing climate-related issues and working to support the community's transition to a low carbon future.