Proud to officially endorse #AllOnBoard (2018)

Do you believe that everyone should have access to transit?

Right now, low-income youth are being ticketed up to $175 instantly if they are caught not paying for public transit to school, their clubs, their sports teams and other areas in their community life. Do you think that’s fair?

Studies show that if children have access to free transit, they become lifelong riders. And we have an opportunity to support a campaign that makes transit affordable for everyone living in Metro Vancouver.

Our friends at All On Board are running a wonderful campaign that makes transit more accessible by basing fares off of income. The campaign calls for:

  • free transit for all children and youth under 18 years
  • a sliding scale for monthly passes based on income
  • a social justice and poverty reduction mandate for Translink
  • non-stigmatizing affordability measures
  • fare evasion fines to be unlinked from ICBC and infrastructure expansion.

Force of Nature is proud to be an official endorser of the #AllOnBoard Campaign.  

Check out their website to find out how you can get involved in making transit fair and accessible for all riders!