Release: New West School Board follows up climate emergency declaration by committing to carbon-free future

On Tuesday, November 26th School District 40 became the first school district in the Lower Mainland to adopt the IPCC climate targets and commit to reducing emissions by 45% by 2030 and reaching net-zero emissions by 2050.

“I feel so incredibly proud! We’re leading the way, I hope to see students graduating climate literate in the next few years and hopefully other school districts will step up and take even bolder climate action,” said Jade Bouchard, volunteer with Force of Nature and member of SD40 For The Climate. “As a high schooler, seeing my school district take action inspires me to take bold action on an individual level, as well as to continue to advocate for climate action on a systemic level.”

The motion, which follows SD40’s declaration of a climate emergency, also included increasing learning opportunities for students and staff to enable the next generation to be climate literate, with the hope that students will be able to understand the environmental conditions of our Earth, and solutions around how to ensure a sustainable future.

“Having spoken at the Climate Emergency motion, I am ecstatic to see the influence spread to SD40 as well.” said Philia Zhang, school striker and member of SD40 for the climate. “I am extraordinarily proud of our city and all we have been able to accomplish regarding the climate crisis so far.”

SD40 For The Climate and Force of Nature Alliance look forward to school districts across the Lower Mainland following in the footsteps of School District 40 and creating a carbon-free future.


Want to get your school district to follow SD40's lead and commit to net-zero emissions? Contact us for more information!