Response to Covid-19

The world is reacting and coming to a standstill due to the Covid-19 outbreak. There has been updated information and new measures implemented everyday - which understandably has caused confusion and anxiety. We are in uncharted territory as we quickly get used to new routines of life and learning how to cope with a rapidly unfolding situation.

As you know we are all about creating a community that looks after one another and prioritizes people and the planet. At Force of Nature we will be playing our part to make sure our community members stay safe and healthy during this period.

The Federal government announced yesterday that all Canadians, as much as possible, are being asked to stay at home. As public health officials have made clear, ‘Social distancing’ and ‘self-isolation’ are two of the most effective techniques we can take to slow down the spread of Covid-19. It’s all about flattening the curve...

Because of the updated advice from the Federal and Provincial governments over the past week we have been re-envisioning our campaign strategies. The measures we will be taking at Force of Nature for the next few weeks are: 

  • Staff will be working from home.
  • Our team meetings will be held online. Details for individual meetings will be sent out by your organizers.
  • We will not be holding canvassing events across any of our teams.
  • We will not be turning up to City Council meetings.

But our work to tackle the climate crisis does not stop. We will keep holding cities accountable for their climate action, especially in this important budget season. Therefore we will be:

  • Running more targeted online campaigns - mobilizing our community to make sure our voices are heard before important legislation or budget meetings #FeelTheForce 
  • Working with our teams to set up virtual/phone meetings to lobby Councillors. 
  • Sharing city’s climate action plans and surveys, and any other type of feedback that is currently live.

The seriousness of the situation is causing valid concern amongst a lot of people. We hear you and know we are thinking of you all. There have been amazing community responses from people in lockdown. In Wuhan people have been cheering to each other to ‘Stay Strong’, and in Italy there has been singing and concerts held from balconies, and applause for health officials everyday. The resilience and community spirit has been amazing to see and gives us hope during this time and for the future.

And Vancouverites are responding. Local people have set up a Vancouver Facebook Covid-19 group where people can post offers of support or request any support you may need. We would encourage you to join the group and also keep an eye out for local groups in your city or in your particular strata. 

We also know being at home for long periods of time can be tough so we have compiled a list of our favourite films and books that detail activism and advocacy. You can check out the list here - one of the highlights is that the National Film Board have recently released 200 Indigenous made films, which are online and free! If you have any good ideas for books or films please let us know and we will add them to the list.

Please look after yourselves, your physical and mental health. Self-isolation does not have to mean you remove yourselves completely - remember to pick up the phone and chat to your loved ones and, if you can, offer help to those around you, especially those folks who are most in need.

We will also be here if you want to fill your days with local city politics, city gossip or ideas for radical climate action. You can reach us at our email address or through social media