Save Bear Creek Park

On March 8th, Surrey city council accepted Corporate Report R057 and awarded a contract for preliminary design of an expansion of 84th Avenue going through Bear Creek Park from King George Boulevard to 140th Street. Bear Creek Park is the city's signature municipal park and this road represents an unacceptable threat to the park. The dangers of this road to the local environment include:

• Chemical pollution from passing vehicles leeching into the ground and water

• Light pollution from increased vehicles and streetlights confusing birds, insects, and other animals

• Changes to drainage patterns due to an increase in hard surfaces

• Noise pollution from construction and vehicles impacting sensitive species

• Habitat alteration and loss resulting in invasive species and loss of native species

• Changes in wildlife behavior when it comes to claiming territory, feeding, and mating

The city has previously tried to push this road through in 2009, but, due to opposition from local residents and environmentalists, were unable to do so.

Please sign this petition and let's make sure history repeats itself!


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I oppose the expansion of 84th Avenue going through Bear Creek Park from King George Boulevard to 140th Street. Bear Creek Park is an important hub in the City’s Biodiversity Conservation Strategy Green Infrastructure Network. Construction of this road is an unacceptable threat to the park, riparian areas located along the path of the proposed road, and the wildlife that depends on the area.


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