Welcome to Our Team!

Mission: Transition is a volunteer-led, community-based climate solutions campaign, that's run on 100% people power.  Everyone is needed in our quest to transition toward a low carbon future, so whatever your skills, schedule or accessibility needs, there is a role at Force of Nature waiting for you to fill it!    


Please enter your information in the form below, and tick "I want to be part of Mission: Transition!" if you're interested in flexible volunteer position in one of the following roles: 

  • phonebanker (calling other volunteers to invite them to shifts),
  • canvasser (collecting signatures from the public),
  • researcher (helping us to create our vision for the future),
  • data assistant (data entry and administration) or
  • presenter (showing our Mission:Transition slideshow at community centers, schools, churches, etc!)

An organizer will get in touch with you and discuss the role and time comittment that will be the best fit for you.  However, please note that we are currently pretty overwhelmed with the election, and it may take some time for us to respond. If you're interested in jumping right in, maybe just sign up for a shift through the volunteer calendar? We'd love to meet you!

You can visit our volunteer calendar where you can sign up directly for upcoming shifts by clicking on this link


Are you ready step up and take the lead in our climate solutions revolution?  The success of Mission:Transition hinges on having a great team of leaders like you to guide the way.  No experience is necessary... if you have a deep passion for environmental justice, a strong sense of commitment to your team, and a minimum of five hours per week to volunteer, we can provide all the training, mentorship and support it takes for you to take on a leadership position within Force of Nature's flexible community team structure. 

Please check the box "I want to be a climate leader" when you sign the form below, and we'll follow up with you shortly about the next steps.  

For question, feedback, and to discuss any accessibility needs, please email Morag Keegan Henry at [email protected]