Provincial Government approves the Site C Dam

I'm sure you've hear the news today that the BC provincial government approved the Site C dam.  We are disappointed beyond measure in this decision to steamroll First Nations rights and bring environmental devastation to the Peace River valley. 

As climate organizers, we are wholly in favour of clean, renewable energy projects that respect Indigenous title and embody the principles of sustainability and ecosystem-based management, but this project did not live up to those standards, or our vision for a sustainable British Columbia - a fact that was echoed in the Premier's words this morning, even as he announced approval of this project within the very same speech.   

If you share our heartbreak around this government's failure to walk this devastating project back, we ask that you turn your support and attention to the courageous West Moberly and Prophet River Nations who have just announced their intention to launch a civil action for Treaty infringement and an injunction to halt construction. Please donate generously to support their endeavours at  

For those of you seeking comfort and community in this challenging moment, there will be a Site C Vigil at 5:00pm this evening outside 333 Dunsmuir Street, and we'd love for you to join us.  If you can't meet us tonight there will be more vigils this week so keep watching facebook for upcoming events.