Site C in the Home Strech

The BCUC hearings for Site C are well underway, but there's one more big moment coming up this week and we need all hands on deck.  Please join us at the BCUC this Thursday, October 5th from 5-10 pm(You can sign up here to register to speak at the hearings)


As you may have heard, the public hearings kicked off last week with an incredibly successful session in Vancouver on Sept 23rd and have been continuing across the province with overwhelming opposition to the dam coming from Kamloops, Kelowna, Nelson, and Prince George. Transcripts from those public input sessions are now available at – and we encourage you to check them out to see a variety of perspectives on why Site C needs to be stopped!  As if that wasn’t enough, the Vancouver Sun has now published the leaked, uncensored version of the Deloitte report – a damning (heh heh) critique of Site C.  

The real costs of Site C – failing our obligations under UNDRIP and violating the treaty rights of local Indigenous groups, destroying the Peace Athabasca Delta and Wood Buffalo National Park, flooding enough farmland to feed 1 million people – are so huge that even if the economics were bulletproof, this project still wouldn’t be justified. So, while we wait for BC Hydro to respond with more information and the BCUC to look more closely at the data, it’s your turn to send a message to Cabinet,who will be making the final decision on Site C in November.

So make your way down to 1125 Howe Street between at 5pm Thursday to help flood the BCUC public input sessions with opposition to this dam.  We will meet outside the hearings an hour before they begin to get organized, and then flood the community input session with a show of opposition. We’re asking folks to let us know that they’ll be attending.   We encourage you to sign up to speak, but we also need folks to show up to wear our Stop Site C t-shirts, hold signs, and show the BC Cabinet that this decision is important to British Columbians and that we're ready to hold them accountable.

This is it, my friends; we’re coming down to the wire on Site C, and we need to keep our momentum up for the final stretch! Would you consider volunteering with us or donating to help keep our work going?