Society Membership

Force of Nature is a registered non-profit society with over 160 voting members, who are empowered to participate in high level society decisions such as amending society bylaws or approving strategic plans.  Their right to participate in democratic decision making is explicitly protected by our societies' bylaws.

According to these bylaws, new members (other than staff or directors) must be appointed at a general meeting via a vote of 51% or more of existing members attending that general meeting.  Typically, these meetings are held in June and December. 

While anyone can submit a request to be granted membership status at the subsequent general meeting, we typically only vote in favour of individuals who have demonstrated a strong, active commitment to Force of Nature by contributing a minimum of eighteen hours of volunteer work, or by making a minimum donation of $120 Canadian dollars.

If you wish to become a voting member of Force of Nature, please fill out an application here, and we will get back to you before the next general meeting with details about the status of your membership.