Survey Answers - Hunter Madsen

Independent incumbent candidate for Port Moody city council


Do you support raising {your municipality’s} community greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction targets to meet or beat the new province-wide standard of 40% by 2030, 60% by 2040 and 80% by 2050 (percentages refer to a reduction below 2007 levels)? [Note that some cities already match the 80% target but lack interim targets, which are crucial to meeting these goals!]



Will you submit a formal request to council to adopt these targets within one year of being elected?



Are you in favour of transparent, annual measuring and reporting of [your municipality’s] community-wide emissions?



Will you submit a formal request to council to ensure transparent, annual measuring and reporting of community-wide emissions, within one year of being elected?



Will you commit to taking a leadership role in ensuring that city council and staff work with community members, businesses, developers, and other stakeholders to achieve these community-wide targets in a meaningful way and within the specified time frame?



Describe three steps you will take during your first year in office to uphold this commitment.

In 2018 our Council created and funded - with my strong support - a Climate Change action committee, comprising both councillors and community members, and tasked with concrete tactical advancement toward goals in line with FoN's targets. I will seek a chair/vice-chair role in that body (chair assignments are the mayor's prerogative); will push committee to move from goal-setting & measurement to concrete executional steps by end of 2019; and will propose that the committee host a high-visibility climate-action workshop that involves community members, businesses, developers, and other stakeholders.


Force of Nature’s framework emphasises “five key concepts” of urban climate solutions. What ideas or initiatives would you bring forth to promote, encourage or enforce the reduction of community-wide GHG emissions in each of the following categories: compact communities, multi-modal transportation, renewable energy, green jobs, and circular economy.

COMPACT COMMUNITIES: (1) strongly favor transit-oriented development (TOD) near our two Translink stations, (2) push back against proposed densification in remote, car-dependent parts of the city that are not adequately supported by transit (e.g., the Ioco Lands).

MULTI-MODAL TRANSPORTATION: (1) continue to improve walking and dedicated biking routes citywide, (2) push for adequate daytime parking near Evergreen stops, (3) advocate to Translink for transit solutions optimized for bikes and pets.

RENEWABLE ENERGY: (1) press city for completion of streamlined process for local solar installations, (2) push province to act on our 2018 proposal to enable solar-retrofit loans where loans are paid back through energy savings, (3) continued support for expansion of EV charging station availability across the city.

GREEN JOBS: (1) Rethink the city's current Moody Centre OCP vision to make that the city's major redevelopment zone for attracting clean-sustainable industries to Port Moody.


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