There are no words for this (December 2018)

Do you know what "Energiewende" is?  It's a European word for the massive undertaking to transition away from fossil fuels and toward renewable energy that is currently underway in Germany.  

Here in Canada we don't even have a word for our own "Energiewende" yet, which is worrying given that we have twelve years to get our fossil fuel consumption under control.  That needs to change! 

What "Engeriewende" has taught us is that climate action is contagious!  Until Germany took the big leap of faith that established it as a breakthrough climate leader, transitioning away from fossil fuels remained an abstract and futuristic concept for most people on the planet, but that all changed once Energiewende was underway.  As a renewable energy economy became "real" in the eyes of the world, it set an an example to many other countries that are now jumping on board. 

We've spent a lot of of time thinking about what it would look like to bring a large scale, fast-paced energy transition to the Lower Mainland.  And when we look to countries like Germany as an example, it's clear that it all comes down to people power!  At the heart of Energiewende are the protesters in the streets, the farmers collaborating on small-scale solar and win co-ops, and the grassroots community groups that are driving the local races to net zero throughout Germany's villages and towns.  

Here at Force of Nature, people power is what we do best, and we have a vision for a people-powered transition so big, so fast and so powerful right here in our Lower Mainland home that it will serve as an inspiration to communities around the world!  

To get on the road to carbon neutral, we really only need to do three simple things: 1) elect visionary leaders, 2) commit to net zero emissions, 3) reduce our carbon consumption, measure, and repeat!  It's science, but it's not rocket science. 

And here's the great news... all that stuff is already happening.  This October, incredible climate champions were elected into office all around the region, more than a hundred candidates have committed to tougher climate targets, and there are ongoing efforts to reduce GHG emissions from West Vancouver all the way to Port Moody.  But let's be honest... is it happening fast enough? 

Remember, we only have 12 years left to get a handle on our emissions, and in order to do that we have to move much much faster than we're currently moving right now.  And that's why having great organizers who are all in is absolutely essential to turning this climate crisis around.   

As we speak, Jake, Katie and Morag are plotting away to turn all those pre-election promises into action by mobilizing citizens, showing up at council meetings, and holding our municipalities accountable for serious, urgent climate action we need to turn this crisis around.  They're using their organizer magic to inspire and mobilize new leaders to join our cause and bring new life, urgency and momentum to our movement every single day.

And we won't stop there... or ever... not until every city, every business, ever high school and every neighbourhood in the Lower Mainland joins our region's race to carbon neutral.  Imagine how our lives would change if we all pitched in to take our world to the next level?  Imagine what it would be like if instead of worrying about the world we don't want, we all stood up together and created the world we do?  That's the future we want to see here at Force of Nature. We have twelve years left.  And we won't settle for anything less.