At Force of Nature we don't endorse political parties or believe that fundamental transformation arises solely from the outcomes of our elections, but we do perceive the value in stronger democratic institutions, engaged constituencies who can hold their leaders accountable, and great candidates of all political stripes who will champion environmental justice across party lines.  Our vision is folks across the environmental community collaborating to elect more like-minded representatives who will fight for energy transition and climate justice at the federal, provincial, and municipal level.

In the spring of 2017 we ran our biggest campaign ever, working to elect environmental champions Janet Routledge, Katrina Chen and Rick Glumac in the ridings of Burnaby North, Burnaby Lougheed and Port Moody Coquitlam respectively.  Three field organizers built high-capacity volunteer teams whose intensive door canvassing efforts brought our supporter numbers up to 2500 in each of our target geographies, while a fourth phone bank organizer led the charge in a massive distributed phonebanking program which over twenty five thousand get out the vote phone calls.  All three of our chosen champion candidates won their seats on May 9th.

While Janet, Katrina and Rick have continued to act as good allies and strong advocates for environmental justice close to home, the inadequacy of our new provincial government in pushing back against Kinder Morgan and Site C serves as a strong reminder that organizing around electoral politics has a limited impact, and highlights the need for us to continue working in our communities for meaningful and authentic systemic change.