We still say no to Kinder Morgan!


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The past few months have ushered in big changes - Site C has been sent to the BC Utilities Commission, and the province has taken a stand against Kinder Morgan by rejecting five out of eight workplans submitted by the company, on the grounds that it failed to consult meaningfully with First Nations. Share prices in Transmountain have fallen, and construction of the pipeline cannot proceed as planned in September.  

These critical developments indicate that tides could be turning against Kinder Morgan, and just in the nick of time - but they're only the first steps to stopping construction for good.  There is great political will on the part of the federal and Alberta provincial government to get this pipeline built, and it will take of our collective efforts to push back on their plans over the coming year.  It all starts next Saturday 9th - so please join us for a huge rally to oppose the pipeline project.   Here are the details: 

Kinder Morgan: We still say no rally!.  
Saturday, September 9th, 1:00pm
Vancouver Art Gallery, 750 Hornby Street
Hosted by Climate Convergence Metro Vancouver

What else are we expecting in terms of organized opposition to the impending construction?  Well firstly, the First Nations legal challenges you helped fund through Pull Together are scheduled to go to court this October.  They still need your support so please click here to pledge to stand with the nations in court this October, and here to help Pull Together reach their stretch goal of $625,000!  The provincial government has applied for intervenor status in the proceedings, and secured Thomas Berger as their council, "a bona fide legend in B.C.'s legal and social justice circles [who] literally wrote the book on stopping pipelines"

Meanwhile, First Nations along the route are organizing creative and peaceful acts of resistance in anticipation of the impending construction.  Land defenders from the mighty Secwepmc Nation will be building solar-powered tiny houses along the pipeline route in an act of peaceful opposition to construction.  "We are going big, by going small... as they attempt to destroy the land and waters that we have never surrendered, we’re building something beautiful that models hope, possibility and solutions to the world and we would welcome your help to do it."  If you have carpentry skills and want to apply to get involved in this inspiring project, please click here.

For those wanting to prepare themselves for direct action in the future, legal support workshops have been offered online and around Vancouver, and will continue throughout the fall.  There are countless ways to get involved and our movement needs you more than ever.  

So please get started today by committing to come to the Kinder Morgan: We still say no rally!  Force of Nature will be out in full force and we hope to see all of you there!